Anti-SLAPP lawyer San Diego

Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs) are lawsuits aimed at undermining an individual or organization’s constitutional right to free speech and right to petition. Typical examples of SLAPP cases include defamation, malicious slander, abuse of power and conspiracy. In most cases, the idea of the SLAPP is to financially overwhelm the accused in order to diminish public debate on an issue.

Identifying a SLAPP case

If you or a loved one has had a SLAPP brought against them, the Law Office of Ryan T. Darby can help protect you by requesting early dismissal of the case and an award of attorney fees. California’s anti-SLAPP law helps protect the petition and freedom of speech for individuals.

SLAPPback lawsuits

Following the successful defense of an Anti-SLAPP motion in a civil lawsuit, individuals and organizations have the right to bring forth a SLAPPback lawsuit. This type of lawsuit gives defendants in former SLAPP cases the chance for financial compensation based on factors that can include financial distress, physical and mental stress and negative impact on family life.

A SLAPPback plaintiff has already proved the initial SLAPP case was intended to silence their rights of free speech and petition, so the justification for a SLAPPback case can be fairly simple to prove in court. SLAPPback lawsuits raised against the original plaintiff in a SLAPP case not only discourage the use of future intimidation through SLAPP cases, but they also can reward and compensate the defendants in SLAPP cases.

If you believe you have been wrongly accused in a SLAPP case, contact the Law Office of Ryan T. Darby to discuss your options. Ryan will work tirelessly to defend or your organization against SLAPP cases in all the forms they can take.


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