San Diego Internet Defamation Defense Lawyer

Individuals and businesses increasingly rely on the Internet for information––and for

expression. If you have been wrongly accused of defamation resulting from a blog post, social

media post, forum comment, or customer review on a website, you may need a lawyer who

specializes in Internet defamation legal matters to understand what it will take and what it will

cost to defend your case.


At the Law Office of Ryan T. Darby, we represent individuals and businesses who have been

accused of making defamatory statements and have been threatened with litigation or have

been sued as a result of things they have said, written, or otherwise communicated.

Although cases involving defamation over the Internet have many similarities to cases involving

defamation in other mediums, the Internet presents a host of unique complications. There are

a number of legal defenses to defamation lawsuits, and the state of California has anti-SLAPP

statutes that provide protection against unjust defamation claims.


Internet defamation cases can be challenging to defend and a strong legal defense attorney to

fight unforgiving defamation claims is important. By calling The Law Office of Ryan Darby, you

can have an experienced advocate on your side. Successfully defending an Internet defamation

case requires knowledge of the law of Internet defamation, as well as an understanding of how

the Internet works as a communications medium.


In order to successfully prove a defamation case in California, the plaintiff must prove that the

defendant made an unprivileged and injurious statement of fact about the plaintiff and

communicated it to a third party. This holds true in Internet defamation cases.


The Law Office of Ryan T. Darby offers defense representation to individuals who have been

threatened with or are involved in lawsuits related to a variety of defamation cases. We can

help you defend against the allegations and may be able to pursue an anti-SLAPP motion to

quickly dismiss the lawsuit and require the plaintiff to pay all your costs and attorney fees.

Contact us today at (619) 858-4766 for a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help you.

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