Slander Attorney San Diego

Lawsuits for slander are generally less common than for libel, even though both constitute

defamation. Defamation is the umbrella term for untrue statements of fact that damage

another. Because slander is spoken, it is hard to find proof unless it happened to be recorded.

Documentation of the slanderous statement isn’t the only proof one needs to show. The

plaintiff must prove that there was damage and injury because of the slanderous statement.

There are exceptions. If it is considered slander per se , the claimant does not need proof of

financial damage.


The various statements are labeled as slander per se:


  • A false accusation stating that one has committed a criminal offence and could have gone to jail as a consequence of his/her actions
  • Suggesting that one has a contagious disease like leprosy or HIV
  • Suggesting that one has committed serious sexual misconduct and adultery
  • Suggesting that one is not suited for his trade or profession, and is incompatible with his business, trade, profession, or office.


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