Slander Lawyer San Diego: Quick Guide to Defending a Slander Lawsuit

Slander is a type of defamation that is spoken or heard . It has to be a statement that can be proven to be false to be considered a slander lawsuit. We cannot judge whether a statement is slanderous merely by how cruel it is.

Having a knowledgeable, specialized lawyer by your side like Ryan T. Darby increases your chances of successfully defending against a slander lawsuit. Truth is the best defense against slander. With both the truth and Ryan T. Darby on your side, you can fight back against a slander lawsuit. If your statement can be proven true, then the opposing party will not have a valid case and it must be dismissed.

Mr. Darby typically takes the following important steps:

Step 1 : Dissect the allegedly slanderous statement and determine whether it constitutes a fact or an opinion. Only facts––and not opinions––can constitute slander.

Step 2 : If it appears to be a statement of fact, then search for evidence showing that the statement is actually true, and therefore not slanderous.

Step 3 : Determine whether the statement falls under any legal privileges, such as statements made in court.

Step 4 : Consider the context of the statement to determine whether the surrounding circumstances indicate that it is either true, or a statement of opinion.

Step 5 : Investigate whether the opposing party was actually harmed by the statement. The level of harm determines the potential for damages.

Step 6 : Recommend a course of action based upon the specific facts of the case.

If you want help or are unsure if you have a good basis for defense, call the best slander lawyer in San Diego, Ryan T. Darby. Let his knowledge and experience guide you to see if you have a strong defense against a slander accusation.

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