Other Services

We offer the following services:

Legal Representation – The Law Office of Ryan T. Darby represents defendants who have been sued for exercising their free speech and petitioning rights. This includes defamation, abuse of process, malicious prosecution, and other lawsuits calculated to punish people for speaking out or utilizing––or threatening to utilize—our legal system. Some cases may be ripe for anti-SLAPP motions to quickly dismiss the case and recoup attorney fees. Additional representation may be available for SLAPPback cases.

Cease & Desist Letters – If you are experiencing harassment as a result of a statement you made about another person or organization, a letter from an experienced attorney firmly declaring your legal rights and informing the writer of the consequences of continuing the harassment may quickly and inexpensively resolve the issue.

Affiliate Counsel Arrangements – Defamation cases and anti-SLAPP motions are often unfamiliar areas of law for many attorneys. They can be challenging to utilize, and even create a malpractice trap for the unaware. The Law Office of Ryan T. Darby offers affiliate counsel arrangements for attorneys handling these cases in the San Diego area. These services range from consultations, to drafting and arguing pleadings and anti-SLAPP motions.

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