Three-Day Notice to Pay or Quit

The Three-Day Notice to Pay or Quit is the important first step toward restoring a non-paying rental unit to profitability. Issuing it will either convince the tenant to pay his rent, or allow the landlord to eventually replace him with a tenant who will.

There is no official form, but taking the following steps generally results in a valid Three-Day Notice to Pay or Quit:

  1. Conspicuously type “THREE-DAY NOTICE TO PAY OR QUIT” at the very top of the page to avoid ambiguity;
  2. Address the notice to each tenant whose name appears on the lease agreement, along with other known adult occupants;
  3. List the unit’s full address;
  4. Accurately list the amount of rent past due (not including late charges and other fees) and the delinquency period;
  5. Clearly state that the tenant must either pay the amount listed above within three days, or surrender possession of the unit. Make it clear that you will otherwise commence a legal proceeding against them where you will seek possession of the unit, along with unpaid rent, other damages, court costs, and attorney fees;
  6. Indicate (1) the name of the individual to whom the tenant must pay the rent; (2) the address and telephone number of the location where the tenant must tender the payment; and (3) the available hours when the tenant may tender payment; and
  7. Sign and date the notice.

Click here for more information on how to serve the notice.