Three-Day Notice to Quit

The Three-Day Notice to Quit is appropriate where a tenant has caused serious ongoing problems. For example, it is proper where the tenant is significantly damaging the property, threatens the health and safety of his neighbors or the public at large, creates a legal nuisance on the property, or allows unsanctioned subtenants to move in. This notice does not provide the tenant with a chance to fix the problem; it simply informs the tenant that he has three days to surrender possession.

There is no official form, but taking the following steps generally results in a valid Three-Day Notice to Quit:

  1. Conspicuously type “THREE-DAY NOTICE TO QUIT” at the very top of the page to avoid ambiguity;
  2. Address the notice to each tenant whose name appears on the lease agreement, along with other known adult occupants;
  3. List the unit’s full address;
  4. Specifically state the dates and details that constitute the basis for the notice;
  5. Clearly state that the tenant must surrender possession within three days; and
  6. Sign and date the notice.

Click here for more information on how to serve the notice.